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A few days ago, my wife came back from walking the dog, noting “You know that rock in our sidewalk? Well, they painted it orange.” It took me a minute to think of the rock she was talking about. There are three 6” square granite blocks at different places along our property line, and one of them had gotten painted fluorescent orange as a worker was measuring the location of a utility line.

I’d always believed these to be survey marks, but wanted to confirm, so I contacted the Planning dept. Sure enough, they are in fact metes and bound markers – surveyed, established, and known points off of which a surveyor can identify property boundaries, measure the location of utilities, etc.  You can see them throughout many of Newton’s villages, and even along the midline of the Cochituate Aqueduct.

Apparently stone bounds (like to ones shown here) are City bounds and could have been installed as long as 150 years ago or within the past 20 years. According to Planning, they would have typically been installed to identify a City right-of-way.
Interestingly, some folks around the City have said they don’t think these are in their specific village. Is it possible that some of the older/newer villages aren’t measured out in this fashion? Do you have these lovely granite mini-monuments in your neighborhood?

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