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coins150 years ago, when Newton’s Civil War Soldier’s Monument was being planned, the city ran a fundraising effort with Newton’s school children. 1100 students donated a dime to help fund construction of the monument.

This past year, the Civil War memorial in the Newton Cemetery  had a major and much needed overhaul thanks to a CPC grant and funding from the city.  Rather than let history repeat itself and have the newly refurbished memorial begin slowly degrading again, the city has started a fund for long term maintenance of the memorial.

Katy Holmes from Newton’s Planning Department has been immersed in this Civil War memorial from the start.  Village 14 readers may have read Katy’s biographies of Newton’s Civil War soldiers that we’ve been running every month his year.   To help fund the maintenance fund, Katy got the idea of calling on today’s school children to help out just as they did back in 1864.  The mayor and the School Department loved the idea so it’s going to be kicked off when the kids return to school next week.   All Newton school children will be asked to donate coins to the Civil War Soldiers Memorial Fund.  Aside from whatever money they raise it’s a great hook to get school children interested in their local history.

Also, Katy has also got our school kids helping out now in compiling the upcoming soldier’s biographies.

Aside from the kids coins, all other donations to the fund would be greatly appreciated.  Checks can be made out to the City of Newton with “Civil War Monument Fund” on the subject line.  Mail them Attn: Katy Holmes, Planning & Development Dept, 1000 Commonwealth Ave, Newton MA, 02459

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