Blu | Newton MA News and Politics BlogA bill to introduce further restrictions on retail sales of nicotine based products is wending it’s way through the aldermanic process.  I read about the proposed bill a while ago in the Newton Tab.   The bill has already been approved by the aldermen’s Program & Services Committee and is coming up for a vote by the full board this week on April 22.

Until I went into my local variety store yesterday, the bill sounded fine to me.  One detail that was not clear, at least to me, in coverage so far is that retailers that are legally allowed to sell cigarettes will no longer be allowed to sell e-cigarettes.  This completely stunned me.

I know two people who have quit smoking after many years with the help of e-cigarettes.  One of them is my wife who kicked the smoking habit after 30 years of smoking with the help of e-cigarettes.   The e-cigarettes were a huge help to her during the transition and within about a month she was off both regular and e-cigarettes and has been nicotine free for about two years now.

Here’s what’s even more puzzling about the aldermen’s approach.  Should this bill become law, the same stores that will no longer be able to sell e-cigarettes will still be selling real cigarettes.  While there are certainly some questions about e-cigarettes safety, there’s virtually no one who thinks they are more dangerous that real cigarettes.

The upshot of it all is that convenience stores will still be selling cigarettes as always but will not be allowed to sell e-cigarettes which are safer and are extremely useful tool for the very difficult job of kicking the nicotine habit.   It sure sounds misguided to me.