The Marathon route will be littered with spots for runners to get oranges, cups of water and other hydration (and you’ll find the cups and rinds the next day…)

But spectators don’t get those goodies.

To quench the thirst of the cheering crowds, the MWRA will open a mobile water fountain–just bring your own container–at its Newton pump station on Commonwealth Avenue (south side of the street, between Lowell Avenue and Fuller/Evelyn Road).

Our water supply among the purest and best-tasting in the country–MWRA water just won the New England taste test, so it will be entered in the Nationals in June here in Boston. Stay tuned to find out just how high it ranks!

Additional good news–the water at the fountain will be chilled, so not only will it be tastier, it will be more refreshing.

Comm. Ave. residents may also appreciate that the fountain will not leave evidence of its presence on Tuesday–no disposable bottles, cups or other containers to clean up.

And like all water fountains in the City-this one will dispense water free.


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