bob rooneyBob Rooney, the City of Newton’s Chief Operating Officer’s, last day on the job is this Friday.  Mr Rooney has served as COO for the last five years and before that he was Commissioner of Public Works for eight years.  Over all those years he’s been involved in one way or another with nearly every project in Newton.

As you can see from the many comments on this related thread, Bob’s respected, admired and liked by nearly everyone who’s ever worked with him.

We don’t want to let a guy like that slip quietly away into the night so we’ve organizing a “Citizen’s Send-off for Bob Rooney” for tonight Wednesday, April 9 starting at 7 PM at Mick Morgans on Needham St.    Everybody in the city is welcome to  stop by and say goodbye and thanks to Bob for everything he’s done for Newton.

So come on down Mick Morgans, spread the word to anyone who knows Mr Rooney, and let’s send him off with a bit of fun and a lot of gratitude.

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