mill streetAlicia Bowman sent this photo of Mill St in Newtonville and says “this creates a very dangerous walking route in the street for students going to Newton North High School.  This sidewalk has been under snow and ice for 3 ½ months, more than a 1/3 of the school year.  Any bets on how much longer it will be there?  I think it may make it until MAY”.

Do you still have any sidewalks blocked with snow in your neighborhood?  If so send along a photo.

In the meantime, here’s another photo (below) of a very well aged, and well camouflaged snow pile at the end of The Upper Falls Greenway route, at the top of Easy St.   At first glance we thought it was a left over pile of dirt from the recent NSTAR construction project.  On closer examination it turned out to be a snow pile, mixed with plenty of dirt, scraps of lumber and misc other material.

NationalLumberSnowIt appears to be National Lumber’s snow dump when they plow their back lumber yard.  When it finally does melt, it will leave a pile of trash right at the end of the new Greenway walking trail.

That’s an issue that the Upper Falls Greenway Working Group will need to wrestle with sometime between now and next winter.   There are four spots (National Lumber, Mechanic St, Biltmore, Especially Pets where private property owners have been in the habit of clearing their parking lots by plowing all the snow on to the Greenway right-of-way.   We’ll need to work with the property owners to make sure that doesn’t continue next year when the land is public park land.

So it may be spring time now, the temperature have been well above freezing for a week or two, but the 2014 Newton Glacier wont be completely gone for a while longer yet.

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