PrintA big win for the Newton Ligerbots on Friday! The combined North/ South FIRST Robotics team was on the winning alliance during the NE First District competition at WPI. They also took home an award for the innovative design.

The Ligerbots were part of the winning 3-team alliance that took a win in the finals.  That win, combined with a series of other points including the Xerox-sponsored design award, give them a good shot at going to the invitational regional championship held at BU in April. You can read a full summary on the Newton STEM blog.

My son is one of the 46 students from both high schools who spent 6 weeks designing and building the robot. He’s learned quite a bit from the experience and continues to grow. It’s also pretty cool to be working from home on a Friday afternoon and watch him on a live Internet feed.

You can also check out a number of videos from the event, look for the robot numbed 2877, as that’s the Liberbot. (for some reason I’m having trouble embedding the video, so follow the links)

Ligerbots in the Finals

Ligerbots Win the Creativity Award!

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