wheelchair2These photos were taken a few days ago on Walnut St heading north towards Newtonville.  It was quite a while before that since we had the last real snow.

In my neighborhood I was slipping and sliding this morning over ice on a long stretch of sidewalk on Chestnut St that was never shoveled.

wheelchair1 Our new sidewalk shoveling ordinance was intended to prevent these sort of problems but it certainly hasn’t solved them.

A big part of the problem, particularly for wheelchairs, is that you need nearly 100% compliance to solve the problem.  If even 80% or 90% of the sidewalks are shoveled, the unshoveled sidewalks still push people out in the street.  Once on the street, people often just give up on the sidewalks altogether.

wheelchair0I have noticed in general that more of the sidewalks in my neighborhood have been shoveled this year but that last 10% of shoveling laggards still cause significant problems.

What to do?  I don’t know

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