So which school building do you figure costs the most to heat? Well, to be fair, by square foot?

The impatient can have a look in the Aldermen’s Friday Packet this week–just scroll down to documents, and then scroll to the bottom of the Fiscal Report.

Other items of interest may be the vote Monday on Myrtle Village, an affordable development in Auburndale that is up for CPA funding. Other CPA proposals get heard Wednesday.

I think the Washington Street study, which asks for resident input on Wednesday at Second Church, will also be interesting. How would you make Washington, the site of the most car crashes, and the most involving pedestrians, safer? Should the bus stops be closer to crosswalks? Should the crosswalks be shorter, brighter? How about a sidewalk on the south side?

And Thursday will see a vote on whether to install a bike lane from Commonwealth to Newton North on Walnut. North of that it will probably be shared markings through the village center.

Most expensive school building to heat & light? Peirce, at $3.10/square foot. Followed by the Ed. Center at $2.81. Of course, if you are looking at total bills–not paying attention at all to the amount of space you are heating and lighting, Newton North comes in on top:  $802,474 for the last school year, followed by Newton South at $721,854.

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