I’m inviting all of you to join me at the far end of the Marshall’s parking lot on Needham Street at 1:45 PM this Friday (January 24th) to rendezvous in New Hampshire with a large number of Americans from the Granite State and New England who are striking out against corruption and money in American politics with a modern grass roots bi-partisan campaign that keeps growing in strength every day.

We will be heading up to Nashua to be part of a mass rally by NEW HAMPSHIRE REBELLION inside the Unitarian Universalist Church at 58 Lowell Street to welcome hundreds of dedicated citizens who will have marched there from Dixville Notch over the past 2 and a half weeks.

We all know what’s happening in Washington.  It’s becoming more and more difficult to legislate anything in the public interest.  The recent court decision against net neutrality was a final breaking point with me because every analyst has stated that the service providers who want changes that benefit them rather than consumers are simply too politically connected for Congress to do anything about it.  America has become far weaker and more divided because of this.  We are fast losing control of the government that is supposed to represent us.

The initial goal of NEW HAMPSHIRE REBELLION is to create a strong and focused grass roots campaign this year and next to press every candidate running for President in the 2016 New Hampshire primary to detail their commitment to ending or at least curbing gross corruption, high paid lobbyists and big money in Washington, and how they intend to honor that pledge.

We hope to make money and political corruption a central issue in the 2016 Presidential primaries and caucuses first in New Hampshire and then across America.    Public disgust with Washington is very high there and this anger increasingly cuts sharply across the political spectrum as it does in most parts of America.

The rally in Nashua will feature prominent Americans from across the political spectrum including author Hedrick Smith and former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roehmer who ran in several Republican primaries during 2012 as a champion of campaign finance reform.  This event is also honoring the birthday of New Hampshire patriot and activist Doris “Granny D” Haddock who made a famous march for campaign reform more than 2 decades ago just as she was nearing her 90th birthday.

Please go to the attached website for NEW HAMPSHIRE REBELLION, scroll down on  “trip” pull down to events and access information about Friday’s rally at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Nashua and other information about this unique grass roots organization.   Directions to the church are also on the website.  Please register for the
rally.  They need a head count by tomorrow night.  They are serving food which has been volunteered by a local caterer and also ice cream donated by Vermont’s Ben and Jerry’s.

I’ll be driving and can take 3 other people with me.   If you can come, please email me at [email protected] and let me know if you have a car that can take people or if you just need a ride from Needham Street.   Let me know by tomorrow if at all possible, or just show up on Needham Street.

Let’s help get this effort off the ground in the snows of New Hampshire.  Most of us have been up there for many past Presidential campaigns and we know the people and the terrain. This is something we can all get behind regardless of who we are backing for President in 2016.   Success with this will open every candidate up to new possibilities.

The change we need will start in places like this.  It isn’t going to happen from anything going on in Washington these days.

On to New Hampshire !

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