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plastic bagBrookline’s done it, Marblehead is on it, now Newton is considering banning the plastic bag.

Until last week, Newton’s Public Facilities Committee thought about adding a fee on plastic bags, after being pushed by Green Decade and a vocal environmentalist from Ward 1 named, uh, Alison Leary. Now she’s Alderman Leary, and the committee has decided fees are for Milquetoast’s; the city should consider a ban. And add a fee for paper bags. Coincidence? (Full disclosure, Alison is a friend). The discussion starts again Wednesday.

Also the Leaf Blower Task Force idea seems to have new legs. Otherwise, if it’s

not a capital project (check out Mr. Rooney’s cool list of big project progress in the documents), it’s parking. Well, seems so.

The Community Preservation Committee, fresh from hearing about a proposal for West Newton’s Allen House (proposed cultural/historic center) and the continued restoration of burial grounds, will this week hear two parks proposals. Next month–city hall improvements and archives.


You, too, can have fun handicapping the proposals, by looking at the proposal page here.


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