My latest obsession continues  … while perusing my copy of the 1889 Kings Handbook of Newton, in the chapter on Waban, after reading about Beacon Hill in Waban, I came across this passage:

Beacon street cross the line of the Circuit Railway <now the T Riverside line>, near the exquisite Waban station and only a little way from the spacious Almshouse, built about 50 years ago, and now about to be abandoned.  Then it traverses the dull marshlands of Cold-Spring Brook, and the populous but architecturally unfortunate Hibernian settlement of Cork City; and so on into Newton Centre …”

This led to the 1900 Annual Report of the Mass Department of Health

About ten days ago information was received at this office that an unusual number of cases of dysentery had occurred in Newton Centre, and an inquiry was made among the local doctors to see if there was any common origin.

All of the cases seemed to have occurred in the three weeks preceding the report and as the cases were investigated they were apparently limited to two locations viz,: (1) a district known as Cork City and (2) a limited number of cases along the Boulevard in Newton Centre …..

… Cork City is a district in Newton Centre in the rear of the power station of the street railway company, comprising a small number of houses.  Back of these houses is a small brook, the water of which is used by some of the inhabitants to wash both dishes and clothes.  The conditions about the houses were also unsanitary, and in view of the present number of cases of the disease existing here, the board of health took measures to have them improved.

From the first excerpt, it sounds like Cork City was somewhere in the vicinity of Four Corners (i.e. Walnut and Beacon).

Has any of you ever heard of Cork City, know where it was, or have any other details?

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