This information was sent out by the Bicycle Advisory Committee.  The purpose is to gather data for local streets to improve the OpenStreetMap wiki to make it a better tool to solve problems involving parking and transportation in Newton.

Time: January 21, 6:30PM to 8:30PM
Location: Cafeteria, Newton City Hall, 1000 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, Mass.

This workshop is open to any city resident or interested community member.  Requirements are a laptop or tablet with wi-fi capability and a browser.  We will be digitizing data that already exists in either spreadsheet or document form, with some of our personal experiences as required.  There will be some easy data entries and so hard ones, we will work to make sure that anything given to you is at a level you are comfortable at.  The data is mainly regarding parking type, and time around the city of Newton.  This will be used for a bicycle route comfort evaluation as well as by the City of Newton.  The workshop/hackathon will be led by folks at MassGIS.

At this hackathon/party, we will be editing OpenStreetMap so that it will reflect Newton’s parking regulations.

Use this form to let them know if you can attend:


Questions? Send e-mail to One Hwang

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