This week’s agendas are full of how Newton uses its money, and how Newton residents want to use the land.

There are heartening reports of the fitness of Newton’s balance sheets and financial procedures, although the emergency replacement of a boiler at Pellegrini Park hints that our capital structures may still be lagging somewhat.

The rest is Zoning and Land Use–so no surprises that land is at issue. Do we want dense development in village centers, per the Comprehensive Plan? Or will Newton allow the Centre to be re-zoned single-family to reflect its current use? Should we allow multiple additions? Parking lots? Accessory apartments? Pet hospitals?

Frankly, I’ll be interested to find out the result of the Food Truck discussion and whether we can define a nuisance property. And I’m watching the Waban Reservoir discussion–which is in Chestnut Hill, if you were wondering.

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