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Newton Mayor Setti Warren

Newton Mayor Setti Warren

Setti Warren will be sworn in for his second four-year term as mayor of Newton on Wednesday. For old time’s sake, I reread his inauguration speech from four years ago to see what he’d promised and if he’d delivered. Here are a few highlights:

“I intend to govern as I campaigned. This means reaching out to residents – all residents, not just the ones who regularly contribute. It means inventing new mechanisms like an interactive website and Town Hall Meetings…”

“It means responding to questions openly and honestly and, most importantly,it means asking residents from every part of this city, from every village and every perspective, from every demographic and every point of view, to work collaboratively and civilly with one another…”

“I am prepared to make the tough decisions that will be necessary and I recognize that some will oppose each and every decision I make. “

Two questions come to mind: How’d he do? And, how much of this speech will he repeat?


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