OK–infrastructure folks, gather round: Wednesday is your big day as the board will start to grapple with the Cabot School and Fire HQ/Station 3 financing. It will also review progress on Angier and Zervas. The report section will give you the most recent on the Carr update also.

But don’t stay home tonight: the Board meeting is preceded by a meeting on future uses of the Newton Centre branch library, aka health offices and 70 Crescent St, aka the parks & recreation back offices. Finance/tax wonks will want to read the Health Care Advisory Committee report.

For that matter, the water/sewer and stormwater┬ápresentations Wednesday have both financial (your rate dollars at work) and environmental (this is how we keep pollution in the pipes, not the river/lake) interest. The same bedfellows will enjoy reading the report on switching our streetlights over to LED–located in the Public Facilities report. The switch would also have safety benefits, since motorists will stand a better chance of seeing dog walkers, cyclists and other hazards to a dent-free finish on the SUV.


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