MattHills-pictureIt’s a safe bet that Matt Hills will be the next chair of the School Committee, given his role as vice chair for the last two years. But the vice chairperson is not so obvious. Along with Hills, the most experienced member is Margie Ross Decter. If experience is the only criterion, she’s the logical choice. But who will this School Committee get behind? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Diana Fisher Gomberg wants the job. Steve Siegel? Angela Pitter Wright? The other three members haven’t even been inaugurated yet. Geoff Epstein reports a three-way battle between Decter, Siegel and Gomberg. It could be very interesting.* Imagine a 3-3-2 or 4-4 vote where the mayor has to cast the deciding vote.


* By interesting, I mean if you are wonky enough to care about elections for vice president of School Committee!

Update: The incoming School Committee last night elected Matt Hills chair and Margie Ross Decter vice chair. Congratulations and good luck to both!


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