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I thought the season of campaign mailings was over but I found a letter from B’nai B’rith in my mailbox “to encourage” me to learn more about their proposal to redevelop Austin St. Unfortunately I have not been able to attend any of the meetings on Austin St. due to other commitments and wonder if the other organizations asked for RFPs will be getting me up to date on their project ideas.

I guess I have a few questions about the mailing, independent from the potential development activities.

  1. Why me? I am a Highlands resident so this is not a backyard issue for me although I am interested in how development can affect our neighborhoods.
  2. Is this a common practice and how widespread is it? Frankly I am happy to get information from the partiesĀ  but think direct mail is a high cost to get the word out.
  3. Now what should I do? I did heed the call to learn finding the B’nai B’rith information on-line and reviewed the information on the City site. But what has that done? Its not something I get a vote on and not sure who they want me to talk to with any impressions.

I find this interesting, a way to inform residents, but weird, as it is not something I would expect to see. I wonder what’s next and who else is on the mailing list.

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