Finance wonks rejoice–Monday’s tax classification hearing and booklet await your careful inspection, as well as Categories of Expenses on major building projects and an Investment Policy–what fun. You may also be interested in the streetlight replacement discussion Wednesday, as Public Facilities looks at what the payback for more efficient LED lights could be. They will also see if the ongoing dispute with NSTAR about who repairs the wires to the street can be resolved, how the city is doing on marketing its recycling program, and look at Leaf Blowers and Flood Insurance changes–are you in a wetland now?

Planning fans will enjoy the Needham Street reconstruction update Wednesday, and may be happy with the Technology initiative the mayor has just proposed.

Inclusionary zoning changes will mean that hotels no longer have to pay a sum for affordable housing as part of permitting. This is a deal worked out between some members of the Economic Development committee and the Housing Partnership. Both sides support, but take a look yourself before Monday’s vote. Another bright note on this front is Community Preservation funding for affordable housing.

Parking, oh joy, takes up most of Traffic Council on Thursday and much of Land Use on Tuesday. And pot dispensaries continue to move toward acceptance here.

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