ViolaYesterday morning the Friends of Hemlock Gorge held one of their twice a year volunteer cleanups of the park.  Evan Westrate, one of the regular volunteers, climbed down below the Needham side of Echo Bridge to pull some trash out of the bushes and found this leather case.

When he opened it up, he found what looked like a disintegrated violin inside mixed with some leaves and other debris from the woods.  What really piqued everyone’s interest though was the sticker inside that said that it was handmade instrument from Germany.


After the cleanup, we took the instrument to our neighborhood experts up the street at Carriage House Violins to find out if this was a historical find of a priceless musical instrument.

First off , we found out that it was a viola not a violin.  Secondly, they quickly determined that this was a garden variety instrument, not the work of a master craftsman – despite the “Hand made in Germany” sticker.

We’re guessing that junior was fed up with viola lessons, tossed their instruments off the bridge and told mom and dad that the instrument was stolen or lost.

It’s a bit disappointing but it’s still the best trash find in Hemlock Gorge in some time.


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