Janet Sterman forwarded the following:

The Newton Board of Aldermen has held several committee meetings to consider passing a moratorium that could prevent a dispensary from opening there. The current proposal being considered would put the moratorium in place until March 2014. Some public officials have emphasized that they support a dispensary locating in Newton, and that they intend to remove the moratorium before March and replace it with sensible regulations.

My concern is that once a moratorium is in place, there is no guarantee it will be removed in time for a dispensary to get licensed to locate here. A moratorium which extends until March could be interpreted as local opposition to dispensaries by the state Department of Public Health (DPH). DPH will be more likely to issue licenses for dispensaries siting in cities and towns where moratoriums are set to expire before January, 2014. This is why it is important that any moratorium in Newton does not extend past December.

My position is this… I am not opposed to a moratorium in Newton, provided that it expires in December, 2013.
Will you write a letter in support of a moratorium that expires in December, 2013? This may be done by sending an email to Newton’s City Clerk, David Olson ([email protected]) who will in turn forward your letter/email to the Board of Aldermen by the end of the day tomorrow, October 21, 2013?
Too many Newtonians suffer from debilitating diseases (cancer, Multiple Sclerosis) and pain as a result of serious injuries. Despite being prescribed addictive drugs such as OxyContin and morphine, find comfort from the medicinal effects of marijuana which they are currently required to buy on the black market. Would it not be better marijuana was available in a local licensed dispensary?
See more at: http://www.compassionforpatients.com/alerts/#sthash.CF4y6tDl.dpuf for sample letters and more info on this issue.
Thank you so much!
Janet Sterman
What do you think?  Is Janet right?  Will a longer moratorium likely have the effect of nixing the whole idea – i.e. an accidental pocket veto?

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