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voteWith the November elections approaching I have been thinking about the 20 Alderman and School Committee races that have a single candidate. In past years I have skipped candidate races that offered no choice in a silent protest. In Newton we are having many conversations about the few contested races but we should not forget the rest of the pack.

As I have personally become more involved in Newton and knowledgeable about how our local government runs I am rethinking my standard reaction to the sparse ballot issue. This time around I will be voting for several candidates that I have seen in action but probably not cast a vote in all races.

I would like to hear from candidates, and their supporters, who have not been asked to candidate forums and debates to hear what they want to accomplish, as if there was a chance to lose.

And to start off, one candidate that I would cast a vote for is John Rice for his contributions to Newton Highlands. Alas, as a Ward 6 resident, I will not see John’s name on my ballot so I want to know who gets my vote for the candidates that are guaranteed to win without it.

Disclosure Statement: I am on the ballot of the Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council as one of seven candidates for nine positions.