I don’t have a shred of musical talent myself but there’s nothing I like more than a night of live music.  A few friends with guitars sitting around the living room or the campfire, a good band in a bar or club or a concert setting – a good night of music can rejuvenate you for days.

Tonight I’m just back from a spectacular performance – a musical performance that just stirred my soul, put a grin on my face, that just took my breath away.   It got me thinking though that much as I like Newton it’s woefully short on good musical venues and regular scheduled shows.  A few times a year, there are special performances at a few locations but no real week-in-week-out musical performance spaces.

Kara has written about this issue recently in the context of the New Philharmonia Orchestra and classical music but the same problem exists for all sorts of music for all size performance groups, bands, singers.

Tonight we went out to The Center for the Arts in Natick (aka TCAN).  We’ve been there probably a half dozen times in the past year for a wide variety of music.  It’s an old building right in Natick Center that’s been converted into a performance space that seats roughly 300 people.  It’s a wonderful venue to hear music.  It’s an intimate place to hear music and it’s convenient and easy to get to.  It’s staffed by mostly volunteers and it’s got a friendly vibe.  Over the course of the year they feature a steady schedule of a  wide variety of smaller local and national musical acts.  Mixed in, they do some community theater and children’s programming.  It looks to be a fabulous cultural resource for the town of Natick.

I know that’s no easy thing to pull off, especially in a town like Newton with very expensive real estate  … but I can dream can’t I?


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