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202_Wedding_TowerIt looks like something is finally going into the storefront next to George Howell Coffee, long-ago vacated by Jim Mi.

According to the permit in the window it’s something called “Cupcake City,” which I would guess is a cupcake place. There is another place called Cupcake City in Reading, and I would have to guess that it’s the same thing, but since I’ve done no reporting I can’t speak definitively. That’s one of their creations pictured.

This would make Newtonville an even more interesting culinary destination when you add together Bread & Chocolate, George Howell, Rox Diner, Brewer’s Coalition and Amigos, the Burrito place that’s about to open. Throw in Cook., Karoun and Aji and this is the place to be!

Also, anyone have any idea why there are two images of Uncle Sam painted into the ground behind Fitness Together? My son and I saw them as we walked by today.

Who do they want?

Who do they want?



UPDATE: Thanks to Newtonville Day, it is confirmed that Cupcake City of Reading is coming to Newton. I didn’t sample one of their treats, but those I spoke with who did (from the truck they had on Walnut Street) had only positive things to say. I’m curious to see how long it takes them to remodel the storefront. From what I heard, the store is in pretty rough shape and in need of structural changes in addition to cosmetic updates. That’s partially why it’s been vacant for so long, even as other stores turned over.


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