According to this story from Globe West’s Evan Allen, the pace of federally-funded affordable housing has slowed in Newton since Mayor Setti Warren took office, which led the city housing manager to quit last month.

“I understand that the mayor characterizes his administration as being advocates of affordable housing. However, I still see that there are problems in realizing the affordable housing goals the city has identified,” said Trisha Guditz, a 14-year city employee who worked as Newton’s housing program manager before resigning last month.

“I came to feel as though it was getting harder and harder for me to do affordable housing work that I really believed in,” said Guditz, who administered federal funding for affordable housing in the city. “I felt that there were institutional obstacles within the city that were making it more difficult for projects to get funded, and for programs to be able to run efficiently and effectively.”

It’s also worth noting that former Mayor David Cohen commented. Check it out and come back to discuss.

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