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Robins Clemens is dropping out of the Ward 3 race for alderman at-large because she is not getting the help she anticipated to get her elected.

Clemens said this evening, “[School Committee Member] Diana Fisher Gomberg told me that Shawn Fitzgibbons went to a meeting and floated my name. People didn’t know me and weren’t going to support me…But I’m not upset about it because running for office is high pressure.”

Clemens announced her intention to run for one of the two at-large seats less than two weeks ago. She said that Fitzgibbons had encouraged her to run before she announced her candidacy.

She said that she would have liked to attend the meeting where FitzGibbons talked about her so people could have met her.

She plans to stay active in city affairs.

It’s back to Ted Hess-Mahan vs. and James Cote.




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