The Riverside draft special permit, the result of dozens of meetings, is now live.

The bicycle lanes and sidewalks should make access without a car safer and more pleasant–which is good news for the neighbors. The excess parking demanded by the MBTA remains, and that will drive traffic (available parking draws cars–although this will be paid, so it will drive fewer cars). The parking management for the rest of the site, and a plan for Traffic Demand Management, will mean fewer drivers for the morning and evening commutes, and that’s also good news for Newton.

The water and stormwater measures are also good news–we may see fewer sewage back-ups and overflows, and fewer pollutants running off into the nearby Charles, where they feed toxic algae and the water chestnuts.

Also on this week’s docket¬†are five pre-proposals for Community Preservation Act funding. Have a look. Would you support these?

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