This is the week to STAY AWAKE if you care about the next round of school buildings. Tomorrow (July 15) the Board of Aldermen and School Committee meet jointly to review the Angier School renderings and floor plans. Have a look. What do you think?

Prior to that, the Board will vote on initial design funds for Zervas.

And if you were wondering about Riverside, well, it comes up Tuesday. Along with a School Committee meeting –but so far, no sign of the promised agenda, although they will be meeting in the cafeteria of Newton North–presumably because it’s better air conditioned than the Ed. Center?

Otherwise, if you care about City Finances, the Friday Packet this week is chock-a-block with expense reports for current projects, a principal payment for NNHS, and more.

Hardly a sleepy summer week here in the Garden City….


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