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On Wednesday evening in the Auburndale Village Bank, the MBTA presented a 30% design plan for a new, accessible commuter rail station in Auburndale. Funds are already in hand to advance to the 60% design stage, so this has real momentum. Key features of the proposed plan include:

– Moving the station from its current location on the south-side of the tracks to the north side. It would remain an open-air station, with a rain shelter.
– At-grade entry from Auburn Street to platform. No stairs!
– Main entryway at the intersection of Auburn St., Ash St.. and Melrose St. Flanking entryways on the east and west ends of the station.
– Commuter parking increases from the current 35 spaces to 50-some spaces.

Kay Kahn, the main driving force behind this project, noted that there is currently not a single accessible commuter rail station from Natick to Boston. She envisions Auburndale as the first in the process of making all Newton’s stations accessible.

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