Gerry Chervinsky just informed Village 14 that he has decided not to run for alderman at-large in Ward 3. He is endorsing Ted Hess-Mahan for re-election and he is encouraging a progressive candidate to step forward for the second seat. His statement follows:

“I have decided not to run for Ward 3 alderman at-large in this fall’s election.  I thank everyone who encouraged my potential candidacy.  Personal considerations, as well as my intention to strongly campaign for outstanding candidates in contested races like Setti Warren for mayor, Chris Steele and Deb Crossley for Ward 5 alderman at-large, Eve Tapper for Ward 2 ward alderman, and Andrea Steenstrup for Ward 2 School Committee, outweigh my interest in running at this time.  In Ward 3 I endorse Ted Hess-Mahan’s re-election as alderman, and hope that newly announced candidate James Cote, an apparent Republican opponent of Mayor Warren’s override package, will hold true to his word that he won’t bring a preconceived agenda if elected.  Still, a more progressive candidate coming forth and preventing him from being elected without opposition would be far preferable.”


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