BicycleRiders The first annual “Tour de Newton” is coming on Oct 6 as part of Newton Bike-Walk Week.  The Tour will be an approx 25 mile ride through the 14 villages of Newton (13 + Village 14).

The ride will start simultaneously in all 13 villages and proceed in a one way circuit through the city, hitting each village center along the way.  At each village, you’ll stop and pick up a unique village badge.  Collect the whole set and something good will happen – we’ll soon figure out exactly what that will be.

At the moment, we’re looking for volunteers in each of the villages to help out in various capacities.  For each village, we’ll need:

* Someone to design a village badge.

* Someone to be the village representative and hand out badges to riders as they come through.

* Two riders from each village to accompany the riders that start the ride in that village.

If you might be game for any one of these roles, please email at [email protected] and let me know.

We definitely want Village14 to figure into the event in some unique way.  One possible idea is to have a Village 14 stop along the way where your photo would get snapped and posted on Village 14.  If you’ve got other or better ideas, post them below.



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