The final report on the Waban Hill (aka Heartbreak Hill) Reservoir is out this week. It’s a terrific document, and while I couldn’t discover all the Advisory Committee’s names, I commend them all ¬†for a comprehensive, thoughtful and responsive document–with lots of illustrations.

If, like me, you haven’t been there yet, the report lets you see what a wonderful resource this reservoir could be–suggestions include a walking trail like those around the Chestnut Hill or Brookline reservoir, perhaps also a playground, some apple trees and water features.

I did say reports, plural, and that’s because there’s another good read–but shorter–on the first two meetings of the Zervas Working Group.

There’s more in the LWV N’s weekly docket digest, especially about what Traffic Council decided on parking, signals at ¬†Nahantan and Winchester streets (Ward 8, by the farm), and more.

By the way, the Muni-Wonk goes silent when the Friday Packet is not particularly interesting–or if all the big news is already reported in other Village 14 posts–like last week. But the digest is almost always done anyway–so you can check and quibble with me.

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