The first annual recreational TOUR DE NEWTON is being planned as part of Newton Walk/Bike week or this coming October.  The Tour de Newton will be a leisurely 20+ mile route around the city that will pass through each of the village centers.  You’ll ride the circuit from your home village, around the city and back again.  At each village center you’ll pick up a unique village badge.  By the end of the ride you’ll have the complete set of village badges.

We’d like each of these badges to be a unique iconic symbol of the village.  We fully expect that both the badges themselves and especially the graphic village icons to have a life long beyond the Tour de Newton.  We’re recruiting people across the city to take a stab at designing the symbol for your village.  Here’s the details.

* The badges will be 1 inch round.  The symbol should be designed with that size in mind.

* Should be black on white.

* Aim for simple, bold rather than fine details.  Text is OK but should be primarily iconic

* If you village already has a recognized symbol, feel free to rework it into a one inch round

* The more you tap into some unique attribute of your village the better.

* Finished, camera ready designs are definitely preferable and will be given precedence.  We’ll also accept rough sketches though if you don’t have the technical ability to do a finished design.

* You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to take a shot at this.  The more ideas and submissions the better.  In the event of multiple submissions, the Newton Walk/Bike committee will have the sole discretion of picking which design will be used.

Attention Village14’ers – Newton’s 14th virtual village will also be part of this event so we will also need a badge to represent Village 14

Please pass this along to everyone in your village that might want to take a crack at it.  All submissions should be sent to [email protected] or via mail to Jerry Reilly, 12 Spring St, Newton Upper Falls 02464