tom sheffIt’s been a given all along that Mayor Setti Warren would be running for reelection.

About a week or so, political novice Jackie Gauvreau Sequeira threw her hat and the ring.  She’s best known for having been an early whistle blower in the Catholic priest scandal.  In recent years she’s been a very outspoken critic of the mayor.

A few days ago, Ted Hess-Mahan entered both the mayor’s race and for reelection as Ward 3’s Alderman at Large. Aside from his 10 years as an alderman, his chairmanship of the Land Use Committee, and serving on the Program & Services as well as the Rules Subcommittee, he’s known around these parts for his frequent, and often very funny posts on Village14 as well as his musical performances.

Tonight, at Anatol Zukerman’s going away party, Jackie Gauvreau Sequeira was collecting signatures from the crowd.  Later in the evening, a newcomer to the party began collecting signatures for Tom Sheff for mayor.  I missed his name but he’s a long time friend and supporter of Tom Sheff and said that Tom is definitely in the race.  Mr. Sheff ran for mayor in 2005 and most recently ran for the Governor’s Council this past election.

It’s beginning to look like Boston’s mayors race.  How many more candidates are there in the wings?

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