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Feast3The most exciting event in Upper Falls in years will happen in just a few weeks.  On Sunday  June 23, the longest table anyone has ever seen will be assembled for The Feast of The Falls.

Two hundred and fifty guests will break bread together at a sit-down, catered feast, on a single table clothed table in Hemlock Gorge.  Lanterns will be hung in the trees, lights will be hung on Echo Bridge, roving musicians will entertain the guests.  It will be a spectacle.

The Feast is being held for the people of Upper Falls by the businesses and organizations of Upper Falls.  All but 20 of the free tickets have already been distributed on a first come, first served basis to local residents.  The tickets were released on a web site last night and they were all gone by this morning.

The Feast of The Falls is the brainchild of Seana Gaherin from Dunn Gaherin’s restaurant.  She teamed up with local caterer Chris Osborn of Better Life Foods, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, and the Upper Falls CDC to pull it off.   The event is intended as the “first annual” and they plan on turning it into an Upper Falls institution.

The food will be served by a VIP crew of waiters and waitresses featuring our local elected officials and a who’s who of familiar faces from the businesses of Upper Falls.

For those not fortunate enough to live in Upper Falls and score a free ticket, there is one other way to get a seat at the table.   Twenty tickets have been reserved and are being auctioned to the highest bidder (minimum bid=$20/ticket).  All proceeds from the sale of the tickets will go to support both local (Friends of Hemlock Gorge and Emerson Playground Rebuilding) and global (Tzu Chi Disaster Relief Fund) charities.  So please spend wildly and recklessly and bid up the price of those few remaining tickets to ridiculous levels.   Click here to place your bid or get more info.

This is an event that you will definitely not want to miss.


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