connect_high_society_400x250With great regularity, one of the Boston media outlets, runs one of two different stories.  I’ll call them “Peoples Republic of Newton” and “Wealthy and Shallow in Newton”.  The first portrays the population of the city as a uniform hyper liberal, politically correct, super sensitive wusses – i.e. the “can you believe those nutcases in Newton?” stories.  The second type of story portrays the citizens as uniformly wealthy, callow, shallow fools with more money than sense.

When I read the opening paragraph of today’s front page Boston Globe story, I knew we had the newest installment of “Wealthy and Shallow in Newton”.

Is it the on-site Botox shots at Healthworks?  The Himalayan salt wall in the sauna at Sports Club/LA?  The fresh cut Winston flowers at Equinox?  What makes a person choose one tony health club over another?

Further into the article we have a local expounding on the parallels between choosing a health club and choosing to cheat on your spouse.

“It’s like you’re thinking about having an affair because you’re bored”, she said. “Sports Club/LA is the new guy enticing you – he’s handsome and exciting.  But Healthworks is comfortable.”

Newton’s certainly not the only town that gets this treatment.  Brookline regularly gets the same.  It’s also not entirely unfair, since Newton does politically lean strongly left and Newton does certainly have more than its share of wealth.

The “People’s Republic.” stories are slightly annoying but I can’t complain too much since I do tend to lean left a bit myself.  I find the “Wealthy and Shallow” stories  personally irksome though.  If I’m going to get painted with the “Wealthy and Shallow” brush, I want to have the appropriate amount of $$$ to deserve it.  Just being shallow doesn’t do it for me.

Every time one of these stories runs, no  matter what the media outlet, it seems all of my non-Newton friends inevitably see it.  I’m now looking forward to the days ahead with the inevitable questions about my Botox shots and my casual affairs.

I do love living here, so I guess its a small price to pay for the pleasures of living in Snooton.



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