I haven’t heard anyone mention this, but there are some strange parallels between the recent Jeanne Sweeney Mooney case and a thirty year old case involving Mayor Ted Mann and his secretary.

In 1980, Mayor Ted Mann noticed that some checks in his office hadn’t been deposited and had gone missing.  There was an investigation by the police and Mann’s long time secretary Diana Ossinger was then charged with 41 counts of larceny and was fired from her job.

The case went to trial and Ossinger was found guilty.  There was an appeal, and she was then acquitted.  Ossinger then sued Mayor Mann for unlawful dismissal but lost the case.

The only reason I remembered any of this is that my brother worked on the case.  He had just passed the bar and was hired by the firm that was defending Ossinger.  After the case was over, the firm hired Ossinger to work as a secretary in their office.  As far as I know, no checks ever went missing at their law office.