It started off with a police department employee being accused of stealing, who was then found innocent.  From there it went to accusations of boorish behavior in the police department  and a fired police chief.  Now the witness in the original larceny case, who’s secret video tape of the alleged thief was key evidence in the case,  is in the news for shoplifting in a supermarket by putting banana stickers on meat packages.  Damned if I know what this is ultimately all about, but if it was the work of a script writer they’d get fired for turning in a garbled, confusing, mess of a story.  I guess truth is really stranger than fiction.

Most curious detail in this latest installment is that the accused in the shoplifting case worked as both a billing clerk in the police department and a senior library assistant for the city.  Yet in his court appearance, he needed a translator when testifying on the stand.   You definitely can’t make stuff like this up.