IMG_2493  I went for a walk this morning on the Quinobequin Rd trails along the Charles River and came across this tree. I’ve never seen a beaver’s handiwork in person before but this sure looks like it to my untrained eyes.

This tree is right along the river bank.  I couldn’t see any other trees up or down  the river that appeared to be gnawed. 


The pile of chewed chips around the tree looked relatively recent but probably more than hours or a few days old.

I have no idea if beavers take many days to take down a single tree or whether this one just changed his mind halfway through the job.  It was a big tree and would probably have fallen about 2/3’s way across the river if it had come down.

This probably isn’t a comforting photo for the Quinobequin Rd neighbors.  That road has a history of regular flooding in various spots whenever there’s a big rain.  I’m guessing that some busy beavers, hard at work at building unplanned for dams is not likely to improve that situation for neighboring houses.

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