FirePlaceLast year, at the springtime Hemlock Gorge Cleanup, a little know stone fireplace was discovered covered with bushes and vines.  This morning that fireplace was stoked up to cook breakfast for the neighborhood.

There was all sorts of food on hand – everything from bagels and biscuits to bacon, sausage crowd1 2013 FHG Breakfast1 c Crowd2and meatballs but at the center of  it all was the eggs.

Julie Irish & Dean Whitney donated three dozen Upper Falls eggs from their high altitude chickens in “Upper Upper Falls”.   For those with more exotic tastes, there were also three dozen  imported eggs brought in from Megara Bell & Brian Flaherty’s chickens in Nonantum.

It was a beautiful morning, a fine breakfast and a great crowd.  All agreed, this won’t be the last time we’ll be cooking breakfast on that fire.



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