NewtonSERVES2011 2 | Newton MA News and Politics BlogYou may be from Waban, you may be from Oak Hill, but you’ve gotta serve somebody” – apologies to Bob Dylan.

This Sunday is the annual event that truly makes Newton a special place – NewtonSERVES.

NewtonSERVES was started thirteen years ago as a day of volunteer community service.  In the years since, it has blossomed into a signature event of the city.  On Sunday, more than a thousand volunteers will fan out across the city to help out with over 60 neighborhood projects.  In every village, volunteers will be planting and pruning and cleaning and painting and doing dozens of other activities to help make our city just a little bit nicer place to live.

So no matter what your interest, whether you like to work inside or outside, whether you like gardening, performing, painting, or odd jobs, Newton need you.  So sign up for one of the 60+ NewtonSERVES projects today, and come join your neighbors on Sunday and serve somebody.