Wednesday starts the week with discussion of a moratorium on banks in first floor retail spaces in some neighborhoods for a year in Zoning. This is proposed by the Economic Development Commission after noting the retail dead zones following financial institutions renting gobs of space in Newton Centre and Newton Highlands. Other village centers might benefit from a bank or two–but after three, maybe some variety? I wonder when we’ll see a similar moratorium on hair/nail salons….

Also Wednesday comes discussion of the long-awaited whistleblower policy for municipal employees, some further financial good housekeeping, including putting funds aside for a rainy day and setting up trusts for the city’s investment in future retiree health costs (aka OPEBs).

Finally, Parking. Newton North’s parking plan–which is meant to keep neighborhoods free of all-day student parking, but which requires funds (a permit fee) to cover the program. It’s a brave try, but at least THIS Newton South parent is piqued by the low cost–$25?–for an all-year permit to park, when OUR kids get to pay $360/year to park in the mostly-empty NSHS lots. Can we talk parking equity? Parking demand?


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