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NCtr tree on peakAny predictions for Ice-Out day on the Newton Centre Playground snow pile? I hiked to the high point yesterday and for lack of anything better, stuck in a broken branch that was handy. I’ll wild guess it would hit the ground (or whatever non-meltable debris is underneath) May 5. (Or is that too pessimistic?)

NCtr sod

NCtr ice

But more likely, the snow pile will have some help in dispersing from Parks & Rec or Public Works, in order to start repairing or replacing the sod where the snow-moving equipment dug it up.



Too bad the ice on that pond at the base is only about a quarter inch thick, or we could have another Newton Centre skating rink. With all the melting to come, I wonder when that area will be walkable again. And if we continue to have huge snowfalls, these could be recurring geographical features on the Newton landscape.


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