Remember when we Newton voters were too tired to vote before November on the ward 1 alderman vacancy? Apparently, the Aldermen are still worried about that.

On Monday, they will vote on whether to reexamine the proposal they voted down earlier: to hold off on filling that vacancy until the municipal election in November. The savings will amount to between $31-35,000, and perhaps that’s why it’s under discussion.

In other cost-savings news, the aldermen will vote on putting elections under the City Clerk’s supervision.

Wednesday features a full-blown hearing on a comprehensive parking plan for the area around Newton North. This marks the first time in recent memory that the city has attempted to deal with all the parking issues in a neighborhood in one fell swoop, rather than fixing one street, only to find the next street coming in for the resulting spillover parking.

Also Wednesday, Public Facilities takes a comprehensive look at water and wastewater.

And Thursday, Superintendent Fleischman presents the post-override school budget.