I attended tonight’s PS&T meeting with MassDOT and DCR and found it highly informative. I think others did as well. H/T to Representative Ruth Balser and Transportation Director Bill Paille for putting this together. Waban was well represented with many skeptics of the new intersection design. Good questions were raised on regional traffic impact, the lack of a systemic approach to the Route 9 corridor, and particularly the potential for cut through traffic should the signals result in long queues. While I did not get answers to any of my questions on the Kendrick Street exit, I was glad to have the opportunity to raise these issues as well.

A couple of things I learned tonight:

  • What sort of alternate designs were considered, given the restricted space available. The reverse diamond really blew my mind.
  • The Wellesley Office Park exit has been tweaked with a median between route 9 and Williams Street, to make it more of a merge instead of a “weave”
  • The increase in capacity is not only on the highway itself but also on ramps. This should help with flow on route 9 and also mean less diversion
  • In response to city’s letter, MassDOT will do traffic counts before and after
  • MassDOT refuses to speculate on mitigation should anything go wrong, but suggested neighborhoods should start thinking of proposals

I hope others will chime in with their observations and thoughts.

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