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setti-warren1Globe West’s Dierdre Fernandez introduces a new topic into the mix in her article in today’s Globe West, “Newton mayor out in front on tax hike.” We all know how hard Mayor Warren is pushing this override, or rather, these overrides. He’s holding town halls, and according to Fernandez, he’s attended nearly 50 events since proposing the overrides in October.

I have no doubt that the mayor wants these overrides to pass because he believes the city needs the money. I also think the passage of the overrides will have little bearing on his popularity in Newton. If he wants to be mayor for four more years, he’s going to be mayor for four more years. And if the overrides fail — which I highly doubt — he’ll try again another time, and another way until he convinces taxpayers to do what he believes is right.

But, what about his political life beyond Newton, which we also know is in his future? If these overrides pass, is he in a better position moving forward? Certainly it takes a strong leader to convince people to raise their taxes in this economy. And, what if they fail? What message will that send about his stewardship?

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