Scott LennonAccording to a story by the TAB’s Chloe Gotsis, BOA President Scott Lennon has announced that he’s running for the alderman at-large seat left vacant by the death of Alderman Carleton Merrill.

This is an interesting twist, given that the Programs and Services Committee just voted 4-2 in favor of asking the legislature to approve a home rule petition skipping a special election until the November municipal election. Hard to imagine that Lennon would announce that he’s running for the seat unless he thought there would be an election. Unless there is some other political game-playing going on here that I haven’t thought of yet.


Update: Here is Alderman Lennon’s announcement:

I am formally declaring my city-wide candidacy for election to the Ward One Alderman-at-Large seat, recently vacated through the sad loss of my colleague, Alderman Carleton Merrill.

I have proudly served on the Board of Aldermen as Ward Alderman for the last 11 years, having been re-elected 6 times by the voters of Ward One.  I have also been greatly honored by my Aldermanic colleagues who have elected me their President for the last two terms. 

Although I have been a Ward Alderman for all this time, I have always considered myself to be accessible and responsive to the entire city, and have consistently weighed how aldermanic decisions affected not just my own particular ward but all of Newton.  By now running for Alderman-at-Large, I can more effectively further my goal to be officially accountable to all the citizens of this great city where I was born and raised. 

I am determined to continue working as hard as I can for all the residents of Newton, and I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail to learn about your hopes and concerns about the future of Newton.