Scott Lennon | Newton MA News and Politics BlogI’m sure somebody will correct me if my logic is flawed, but consider this scenario in Ward 1:

1. The city charter (section 2-5) states that a vacancy within the first 15 calendar months of the term requires a special election, which mean there has to be a special election to replace Alderman Carleton Merrill.

2. Presumably that special election won’t happen for at least another two months because there needs to be time to collect signatures, etc. And if city administrators are thinking cost-effectively, they might want to time this special election with the June 25 special election to replace U.S. Senator John Kerry.

3. Because the aforementioned special election would take place after the 15 calendar months that the city charter refers to in Number 1 (above), any Newton alderman who runs for and wins the Ward 1 alderman at-large seat would not have to be replaced.

4. Board of Aldermen President Scott Lennon knows that he needs to run at-large if he ever hopes to mount a successful mayoral bid. He needs to increase his name recognition by putting his name on the ballot citywide.

5. This is Scott’s chance to easily win the at-large seat without sacrificing anything. The ward seat can be left empty for six months or so without any huge ramifications.

So, the seat is Scott’s to lose. Am I missing something?