Today’s Boston Globe had a story with the headline Newton police captain cleared.  The story starts by reporting on the results of the three month investigation that was just released.  The report cleared Captain Marzilli of accusations that he had made offensive sexual remarks to a fellow officer.  This is current news that was also reported in the Newton Tab and elsewhere

Later in the article though it says “Police and City Hall workers have also been abuzz this past week about an off-duty officer who reportedly shoved a guest at the Police Grand Ball against a pillar in 2010, causing a cut above the victim’s left eye”.   It goes on to say that this three year old event was investigated at the time, and the officer was disciplined.

What’s never explained is why a three year old event that was previously investigated is in the news story today or why City Hall would be “abuzz” about it.  To cap it all of, there’s a line saying “there’ has been no evidence to suggest to 2010 assault call was linked to last month’s egging”, though no where in the article did anyone suggest there was a connection.

Is this just bad and garbled writing full of vague innuendo based on nothing or is there some story there that got lost in translation?


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