I noticed this sign while driving in Newton Highlands before Christmas. (It’s still there.) Not only is it a violation of Mass General Laws regarding attaching things to public shade trees, and likewise the city’s Public Tree Ordinance, it’s my understanding that you can’t just put up your own parking signs whatever you attach them to. That’s the Traffic Council, right? Or does the “Please” make it okay?

I happened to see the owner walking her dog, so stopped to tell her about the tree ordinance. She said they put up the sign because when it snows they have trouble getting out of their driveway if people park there. (Get in line, I thought. You and about 20,000 other people. And her street looked wider than mine.)

What I’m wondering is, how is the sign still there? Shouldn’t the police officers who are cruising the streets daily take notice of bootleg parking signs, whatever they’re attached to? Might taking notice of things that don’t belong, and doing something about it, help relieve the boredom that apparently leads to such mischief as egging the sergeant’s house?

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